Design and Experiment of Multi-disturbance Cleaning and Single-seed Sowing Device for Garlic

HOU Jialin, FANG Lizhi, ZHANG Haikuo, ZHOU Kai, LI Tianhua, LI Yuhua


In response to the common issues of seed leakage and reseeding during the seed picking process of a spoon-chain garlic seeder, a novel multi-disturbance cleaning and single-seed sowing device was designed. The sowing device collected multiple garlic seeds during the seed-picking process and underwent multiple disturbances to ensure that only one seed remains in the sowing spoon. Focusing on Jinxiang garlic seeds and elucidating the working principle of the sowing device, the optimal parameters of the sowing device and the installation position of multi-disturbance device were determined. Through DEM-MBD coupled simulation experiments, the influence of tilt angle and scoop speed on the success rate of seed filling and the impact of groove shape on the single-seed extraction rate were analyzed. A three-factor three-level orthogonal experiment was performed by using the Box-Behnken central composite design method, with the slope of the second arc-shaped prominent part, inclination angle, and spoon linear speed as experimental factors, and the single-seed qualification rate and seed leakage rate as evaluation criteria. Design-Expert 8.0.6 data analysis software was employed to analyze the effects of each factor on the single-seed sowing rate and seed leakage rate and optimize the experimental factors to determine the optimal structural parameters of the multi-disturbance device. A validation experiment was conducted using a test rig to verify the simulation results. Under the conditions of an inclination angle of 15° and a spoon linear speed of 0.07m/s, the multi-disturbance device was adjusted to adapt to different levels of garlic seeds by adjusting the distance between the device and the top of the sowing spoon groove. The success rates of single-seed sowing were 92.2%, 97.2%, and 95.6% for Grade Ⅰ, Grade Ⅱ, and Grade Ⅲ garlic seeds, respectively, demonstrating excellent sowing performance.

Keywords: garlic planter, multiple disturbances, single-seed sowing, seeder  DEM-MBD


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