Focus and Scope

The aim of Nongye Jixie Xuebao/Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery is to publish research on agriculture science, biosecurity, agricultural technology, management of the natural resource base for agricultural production (land, soil and water), agricultural development and agriculture in changing environments.

Accordingly, the scope of the journal and the consideration of submissions is set out in more detail below.

Subject Areas

Crop production: grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, flowers, cotton:

  Crop protection

  Crop breeding and genetics

  Crop nutrition, irrigation

  Crop physiology

  Pests and diseases, weeds, invasive species

  Precision agriculture

  Sustainable agriculture

  Conservation agriculture

  Organic agriculture

  Ecological agriculture.


Soil and water:

  Soil physics

  Soil chemistry

  Soil microbiology

  Soil and water quality

  Irrigation and water use efficiency.


Impacts of environmental factors:

  Environmental influences on production and products

  Impact of changing environments.


Rural management and agricultural development:



  Rural communities and aid.


Agricultural technology:

Power and machinery systems

Natural resources and environmental systems

Information technologies, control systems and sensors

Renewable energy and material system

Agro-product and food processing systems



Remote sensing and data analysis

Geographical Information systems

Biosystems, biological and ecological engineering.


Agricultural product health and safety:


  Animal and plant inspection

  Product freshness.


Full experimental and/or methodical details must be provided for research articles. All submissions should be prepared in accordance with the Instructions for Authors (

ISSN: 1000-1298